Donation for creating world peace.

Buddhist Orphan Youth School
Buddhism preaches in creating skilled, for careers and languages. Development for global peace.

MERIT Foundation (Arkom-Banjong Rimthong) founded the Buddhist Orphan Youth School which is officially a private school. This primary school was opened for teaching and learning on May 16, 2019, starting from Pre-school up to 3rd grade. The integrated learning management is in 3 languages: Thai, English and Chinese. Cultivating in the Buddhist way to create discipline, emphasizing morality and ethics by observing the 5 precepts of Buddhism leading to sustainable social quality. The Buddhist Orphan Youth School provides free scholarships of “free education” program, which is supported by Youth Exchange School in Bangkok, YES Thailand Language and Culture Exchange Program and with the government’s partly support, which we are aware that they are not enough to provide good quality education. Currently, the school is renovating the old dormitory into a new school building in order to meet the needs of parents in bringing their children to continue their education up to 9th grade crucially for the student’s development in the academic year. By 2020, the school will start 4th grade classes, as well as continue to expand higher grade levels until the upper secondary levels. Therefore, your support is necessary for the learning management process. At this time, the school still lacks sufficient funds to renovate the new school building for the students in our school.

Doing meritorious things are done in many forms:

  1. Donating to the temples. The monks use the donations to build temples for the attractiveness of the temple area, as well as uses the property to practice religious activities with people making merit. Most of them are the elderly. They usually go to temples to calm their minds and have a short-term effort for Buddhism practices which leads to the lack of opportunity to instill discipline, morality and ethics to children. However, all of that could be practiced to young children up to grade 12th in the school.
  2. Donating to the hospitals. The hospital uses the money to build buildings, buy medical equipment for treatments, as well as helping patients. All of the donations are for the final days of some people’s lives. The hospital receives a large amount of government funding each year. But similar to the temple, the hospitals are lacking the opportunity to instill discipline, morality and ethics to children, which all of that could be practiced to Pre-Kindergarten up to grade 12th in the school.
  3. Donating to an institution/school for the learning development of people of all ages and instilling each student how to be good, by following the 5 precepts of Buddhism. Knowing how to take care of their health by exercising and eating the food from each of the five food groups will naturally lead them to one’s strong immunity and healthy body. Understanding how to be aware of the health starting from a young age can reduce illness, and can greatly reduce the burden of medical expenses, which children should start acknowledging at the age of 2 or above. In order to inherit Buddhism and improve the quality of life in a sustainable way, we should cultivate good morals from a young age to reduce greed, anger and all of the bad things mentioned can be permanently reduced. We can use Buddhist’s moral ways in our daily lives and live happily with others in the society and create peace as well. It is a direct merit to the children who are ready to continue to grow and develop our society, religion and nation.

However, when you make merit with a school that provides education, you need to choose the right school that is lacking, not for profit, can actually perform well, and is reliable because there are many to choose from, such as government schools (supported funds), temple-based schools, private schools that are non-profit, it is easy to discover their information.

The Buddhist Orphan Youth School (BOYS) is a non-profit school that provides scholarships for free, no charge at all and focuses on the integrated teaching and learning in 3 languages: Thai, English and Chinese. We bring the students Buddhist practices to perform and they are according to the principles of the 5 precepts of Buddhism, with the active cooperation of their homes, temple and school that supports the goal towards world peace.

Therefore, we would like to present to you, our respected supporters, the Buddhist Orphan Youth School (BOYS) as a non-profit school is an option for making merit. In order to get good karma and carry on the common spirit of preserving Buddhism. To those who pays the yearly tax, annual donations sent to our school can double the tax deduction according to the rules and conditions of the Department of Revenue (Thailand).

Furthermore, the school is ready to support publicity signs of companies, stores or organizations that support the school as well. The school will be happy to use our properties to advertise your business (banners) on the website of the school or in the form of billboards (vinyl) in the school area (according to the school’s proposal). The school will be pleased to meet you, the executive or managing director personally, to introduce and explain the vision of the school for your further understanding.

We, the Buddhist Orphan Youth School’s administrators, are humbly requesting you to be our patron to support the teaching and maintenance of the new school building for the students for as much as you would like to.

We, the Buddhist Orphan Youth School’s administrators, teachers, staff, would like to thank you for this opportunity.

If you would like to donate, please use the account details below.

Your bank will provide you with a receipt as proof of payment
Krungthai Bank (Big C Ubon Ratchathani Branch)
Donation Account Name: “Buddhist Orphan Youth School”
Account Number 773-0-46289-3

Or you can directly contact the school
For more information, contact us at:
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